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Encrypted Link Bonder & Ai Based Load Balancer


~20 Gbps Internet Throughput

Bonded VPN

Combine all internet links into single virtual encrypted tunnel.

Bonded VPN provides VPN connectivity over multiple internet connections with AES-256 bit encryption, increasing the data transmission pipe between sites.

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Load Balancing

Load balance single user traffic to multiple internet connections.

7G Fuse Load-balancing features intelligently transmits user generated internet sessions to all the available WAN connections connected to it.

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Vendor Independent

WAN connections that are in use today are heterogeneous.

It indicates that there are several physical wide area network connectivity options, including 3G, 4G, LTE, ADSL, MPLS, satellite links, leased lines, WiMax and multiple SIM providers.

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Dynamic DNS

A way to use your dynamic-IP ADSL line for hosting internal services for public access.

Provides the capability for a networked device to notify a global DNS server to change the dynamic public IP address assigned to DNS record in real-time. This results in the creation of a static URL that ADSL lines can use to host internal services publicly on the internet.

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Stateful Firewall

An in-built Layer-3 Linux based firewall to secure LAN network from external attack.

In order to secure enterprise local network from malicious attack generating from public network, 7G Fuse appliance allows the user to create rules for allowing or denying any kind of internet traffic over layer-3 towards/from the LAN network.

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User Management

Assign privileges to users depending on their role/ designation in the company.

7G Fuse comes with a role-based user creation to restrict the access as per privileges assigned to its users. Roles assigned to the users created in the 7G Fuse database will restrict unauthorized persons from making major configuration changes to the device and thus protects the device from external threats.

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High Availability

7G Fuse devices can be configured in Active-Standby mode to provide device redundancy.

In an environment where hardware redundancy is there, configuring HA will mitigate the downtime of internet connectivity even if any hardware failure occurs.

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Diagnostic Tools

Test network connectivity with simple and easy to use tools.

The device comes with built-in network tools that are very useful for network testing directly from the GUI to make it easier for the user to troubleshoot network-related issues.

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Relay critical device and internet link related logs to Syslog server.

It eases troubleshooting of various critical network related issues and maintains a centralized repository for forensic purposes.

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GPS Tracking

Real-time tracking of Mobile 777 & Mobile 110 devices from ABUR.

7G Fuse Mobile777 & Mobile 110 is primarily designed for use in remote locations or in mobile vehicles. The provision of real-time GPS coordinates for such devices ensures the security of the devices and the monitoring of their activities in remote locations.

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802.11AC Wi-Fi

The 7G Fuse Mobile 777 device is equipped with industry standard AC-supported wireless module.

It offers a wireless speed of up to 850 Mbps. Establish an instant and quick internet connectivity over multiple SIM cards for small to medium-sized enterprises or remote sites with 25-50 users via the lightning-fast WiFi of the 7G Fuse device.

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Fetch instant and interactive reports directly from the 7G Fuse devices.

The reports include pictorial charts (pie, line and bar graphs) and tabular data of historical records stored in the appliance for each WAN connection. It includes data utilization, internet speed and session count reports with date and time filters.

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Get all the information you need to monitor incoming and outgoing internet traffic.

Including real-time internet connection speeds, data usage, and the uptime of activated services on the device, directly from the 7G Fuse dashboard.

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7G Fuse appliances support Simple Network Management Protocol.

Which can be used for monitoring and managing the appliances on a network.

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An integral function of Mobile777 & Mobile 110 is to monitor the data consumption of the SIM card. In order to prevent overuse and limit data usage under carrier data tariffs, SIM cards can be configured with quota values that will disable them if they reach the allocated value.

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Active / Standby

Users can manually pick the active SIM card through the SIM Management Menu. Only one SIM card is active at a time.

When one SIM card is in use, the other is completely inactive. The backup SIM card is only utilized in the event that the current SIM card fails or loses signal. The active SIM card handles all data traffic. Both performance and dependability will rise as a result.

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Supports dual bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), simultaneous operation and MU-MIMO (Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output) with up to 2 spatial streams.

Speed up to 1.8 Gbps supports IEEE 802.11ax/ac/a/b/g/n compatible. Wi-Fi 6 AP mode supports up to 128 active clients and it can be used to build a powerful, reliable Wi-Fi 6 network for businesses and homes.

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Traffic Shaping

Increase the efficiency of overall internet utilization by setting up traffic shaping policies.

Traffic shaping policies help users to categorize and prioritize specific data traffic. It also helps in restricting bandwidth for specific protocols, IPs or subnets to avoid internet exhaustion or congestion.

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