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History of 7G Fuse

The name 7G Fuse in the national concept was chosen in reference to the 7 states of the United Arab Emirates.


Stands for Seven Emirates


Stands for Global Reach


Stands for Unity

The idea and development of the software was born in Abu Dhabi, UAE. On March 21, 2021 (spring equinox), we launched our three innovative products from the UAE.



The necessity for cellular mobility across numerous SIM cards and ADSL connections became apparent when we wanted to provide enterprises with increased internet bandwidth, mobility, and better reliability.

Our solution can combine or merge up to 16 internet lines into a single virtual internet connection. These internet lines can be from different service providers and different types such as 3G, 4G, ADSL, DSL, Leased Line, WiMax, Satellite and more.

7GFuse uae Flag Bird

Our Goals

Enhanced Reliability

Businesses can benefit from cellular mobility through several SIM cards and ADSL connections, which offer greater mobility, increased dependability, and increased Internet bandwidth while guaranteeing a steady internet connection.

Increased Bandwidth

There are numerous ISPs and types of internet connections. These internet connections may be leased lines, WiMax, satellite, ADSL, DSL, 3G, 4G, or other varieties from various service providers.

Cost Saving

With a seamless transition to low-cost, high-speed ADSL lines and SIM cards, you can cut the expense of pricey MPLS and leased lines. Guaranteed ROI and a threefold reduction in overall costs.